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What is a seller's agent?

The seller’s agent represents the seller only, so the buyer may be either unrepresented or represented by another agent. The seller’s agent is responsible for performing the following duties: � promoting the interests of the seller with the utmost good faith, loyalty, and fidelity � protecting the seller’s confidences, unless disclosure is required � presenting all offers in a timely manner � advising the seller to obtain expert advice � accounting for all money and property received � disclosing to the seller all adverse material facts about the buyer that the agent knows � environmental hazards affecting the property that are required to be disclosed � the physical condition of the property � any material defects in the property or in the title to the property � any material limitation on the seller’s ability to complete the contract. The seller’s agent has no duty to: � conduct an independent inspection of the property for the benefit of the buyer � independently verify the accuracy or completeness of any statement by the seller or any qualified third party.

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