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What are my options if I am thinking of selling my home?

1. Sell it yourself. Obviously, the advantage of selling the home yourself is you do not pay a commission. But, statistics show when you team up with a real estate professional, the chances of selling your home in a shorter time span (and frequently for more money) are much better. There are pros and cons to each technique. To determine which road you are going to take, start by asking yourself one question. If you needed a medical operation would you perform it yourself, or have a professional do it for you? Selling a house in today's market is not like it was a decade ago. The market, as well as consumers, are much more astute and the laws more complex. Liability and disclosure can complicate the sale. Perhaps the biggest obstacle a seller faces when they decide to market their own property is emotional attachment. Many owners are blind to flaws that a real estate professional can see. And, a good Realtor goes further and recommends steps the homeowner can take to make the property more appealing, such as, a fresh coast of paint in the kitchen, replacing a rusty mailbox, or removing clutter to make the home appear more open. The objective view can be the difference in making a sale. 2. Engage the professional services of a REALTORĀ®. An experienced Realtor can also provide a seller with a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA), so the owner knows what the home is actually worth, instead of what they feel it's worth. It's important to interview at least three Realtors before you actually list the property. Make sure they work full-time. Part-time dabblers in the profession are people you should avoid at all costs. Ask them if they have a marketing plan for your home. Inquire about the number of transactions they closed last year, and then compare those results to the other agents you have interviewed. The decision to sell your home is one of the most important financial decisions you will make. Take it seriously.

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