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Why do some homes sell quicker than others?

They are priced right. Pricing is usually the number one determinant as to how short or long a home will be on the market. Obviously, the property has to be priced competitively, but do not set the price based upon what you heard a neighbor received for their home. Adjacent homes can be radically different. They both may have the same floor plans, but improvements, a more desirable location in the tract, and other seemingly small variations can make a significant difference when it comes to price. In determining the right price, one of the most important traits you need is objectivity. Homeowners, naturally, have an emotional attachment to their home, and because of their feelings they oftentimes overestimate what their home is worth. Despite the attachment, try to be practical and logical. Make a competitive study of recent sales that are comparable to your home. Evaluate price per square foot, age, condition, location, schools, and extras. Remember, that the value of your home can be impacted by developments that are not yet in place. Is there vacant land nearby? If so, what businesses, or structures will be erected there in the future? Is it a desirable addition to the neighborhood? If there is vacant land, visit the local planning and zoning commissions to see what might be built or, check with a local real estate professional to help you find out what development plans might be in the offing. He or she should also explain the elements that go into pricing and why. And, ask the real estate associate about a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) and what it means. Remember, too, that little things can make a big difference once the home has been priced. Cosmetics are crucial. Spruce up the property as much as possible. A little exterior paint, some new shrubbery, and making sure that the house is always neat and clean can make a tremendous difference. The most important impression is the first-and the first thing buyers see is the exterior. It should look good. To get an idea as to how price is determined, contact a local real estate professional. Ask them to carefully choose an associate who knows your neighborhood. In today's market, there are buyers for homes that are priced competitively. A lack of "action," usually indicates that your property is one of those that has been priced incorrectly. Most important, be objective. Try to look at your property as if you were a buyer going through it. What do you like? What do you dislike? How does it compare to other properties in the area? Is it worth more? Is it worth less? Answer those questions objectively and you will not only be on the way to pricing your home correctly . . . but to selling it too.

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