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I got a loan to buy some land. Later I got another loan for the construction of the house. After the house was built I got a third loan which paid off the first two loans. Is the interest on any of these loans deductible?

All three loans may have some deductible interest. Generally, the interest paid on a financed lot is not deductible as mortgage interest. There might be a deduction for investment interest until construction of the home begins. Once construction begins, you can deduct mortgage interest on the construction loan for up to 24 months but only if the home being constructed becomes your qualified residence at the time it is ready for occupancy. Once the home has been completed and occupied by you, and the two existing loans have been refinanced, you generally may deduct the interest from the new mortgage. For more information, refer to Publication 936, Home Mortgage Interest Deduction; Tax Topic 505, Interest Expense; and Publication 550, Investment Income and Expenses.

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