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Should I use a Real Estate agent or try to sell my home myself?

Unless you are very experienced in selling your home and have done it before - do not attempt to sell your home by yourself. The sale of your home involves numerous legal challenges and questions, all of which, if answered wrong, could cost you thousands of dollars, not to mention your home. Here's an example; you place an advertisement in a local paper and carefully choose the best wording. Of course, you also recieved the best discount - right? Anyway, that advertisement successfully entices everybody in the world, qualified or not, to call you up at all times of the day and night, usually after 10:00pm, in order to ask you all sorts of personal questions about your home and life, in an attempt to set up an appointment to see your home at the most inconvenient time. So, you will spend your entire day off waiting for someone to maybe show up and then they don't. After making another appointment with a 'client' you allow a total stranger, with clothes that look gang related, to wander through out your home when only your wife is home, remembering the location of all of your valuables, only to say that this just isn’t the home for them. If you find the person who wants your home you get to fill out, or review, all sorts of legal documents that will give away the largest asset you ever owned, at some future date, if the inspections, lender and closing agent perform their job correctly, of which you know nothing about because you have only gone through it once before, if you're lucky. Call up and use the services of a local Real Estate agent, it will be the cheapest thing you have ever done. If you need a referral for a good agent please see our page entitled "Recommended Professionals." You will be provided a list of the very best people that we know and are found to be reliable and professional.

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