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Why should I pay for reports offered by the Real Estate Advisor when other sites give the information for free?

Great question! Many of the other sites are run by agents (or their offices) in an attempt to get you to buy or list a home with them. They attempt to impress you with all kinds of free information (that generally supports their position and excites you to work with them). Do you really think that they will tell you all the details about how they run their business or how to negotiate a lower commission? Do you think they are really going to take the time to give you the detailed information you need for each step in the buy/sell proceess (if they even knew)? Some agents' sites are good, and in fact we will link to several of them. But the good agent sites are ones where they are clear about their expertise, and don't try to be all things to all people. The Real Estate Advisor leverages information and experience from professionals in each area of the industry. The information is far more complete and lays out the good, bad, and ugly for you in plain english. Another point to consider is that 15% of the agents make 85% of the money, are you getting information from an agent who’s in the top 15% or the bottom 85% of the industry? Very, very few agents, appraisers or title insurance officers have the overall experience of The Real Estate Advisor. Our motives are simple, charge you a little and give you a lot of knowledge.

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