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What are some of the worst mistakes home sellers make?

Overpricing can keep your house from selling, even after the price is reduced. Buyers are most attracted to homes that are new to the market. If a property hasn't sold after a while, many buyers won't be interested because they feel that "something must be wrong with the house or it would have sold by now." Restricting your forms of marketing can be very detrimental to the sale of your property. Be sure your home has the most exposure possible to the marketplace in order to attract the best, most qualified buyers. Over-improving a property can cost you valuable time and money. Be careful not to overextend yourself on repairs before selling. Too often a homeowner will invest huge amounts of time and money in repairs just to realize that much of that money will not be recouped in a higher sale price. It is very important before you do any repairs to be sure that the money you spend will be reflected in equity. Not listening to a professional's advice can keep your home from selling quickly. As a licensed agent, I know how the real estate market works. I've been trained in determining what will make a property sell quickly, and give you the most return. If you've been considering selling your home, give me a call at 913-269-0000 or e-mail

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